My Neighborhood: Ohio Herb Center Coordinator Amanda Ferguson Lists Her Gahanna Favorites

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There’s plenty of history in Gahanna, beginning with the name of the town. It’s the Native American word for three creeks joined together, and the original name of Big Walnut Creek. “It brings me joy to feel like I’m bringing awareness to all this history,” says Amanda Ferguson, coordinator of the Ohio Herb Center in the community. Speaking of herbs, they’re atop Ferguson’s Gahanna to-do list.

A Goosefoot Garden

Jane “Bunnie” Geroux successfully petitioned the state legislature to designate Gahanna as Ohio’s official herb capital in 1972. “She created an herb garden at the old Log House; it’s a log house, not a log cabin, because it’s two stories,” Ferguson says. “It’s called a goosefoot garden because it’s shaped like a goose’s foot, and this was done so the ladies could walk along the rows of herbs without getting their skirts dirty.”

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