The Tornado Potato Fries From This Ohio Restaurant Might Just Be The Most Fabulous Food On A Stick

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It’s pretty much scientific fact that food tastes better on a stick. Whether you’re enjoying a corn dog or caramel apple, there’s an element of fun and nostalgia to consuming food on a stick that turns a regular meal or quick bite into an experience. It’s also an irrefutable fact that potatoes might just be the most perfect food. Baked or fried, mashed or smashed, fully loaded or simply salted, there’s nothing the humble spud can’t do — including (ahem) stand on its own as the star player in one of the coolest signature dishes we’ve come across: the Tornado Potato Fries from Hawkers Alley in Cincinnati, Ohio. Take a baked potato, spiralize it, fry it, and slap it on a stick, and you have a tasty tater that might just be the most fabulous food on a stick around.

When you think of “food on a stick,” fair food like corn dogs or chocolate-dipped bananas likely come to mind… or perhaps skewered meat a la Asian or Middle Eastern kabobs.

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