Aficionadough: Antolino’s Pizza has a New Location and New Vibe

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Antolino’s Pizza originated on Morse Road during the silver age of Columbus pizzerias. The area of origin was still vibrant when Northland Mall was a viable destination; Columbus pizza was still exotic to some extent and the pizzeria did a brisk business.

The pizzeria was started by Bob Snyder in 1979 with his wife, Joy. Bob came into the business with plenty of experience, he worked for Leonardo’s Pizza, a major influencer and training ground for the foot soldiers of Columbus-style pizza, for many years. Many of his long-time staff were Leonardo’s alumni as well. He knew enough about the business to know people might not rush out to buy Snyder’s Pizza. He asked his insurance agent Ralph Antolino if he could use his last name to add an air of authenticity to the business. In addition to the street credibility connotated by an Italian surname, Snyder ensured his “A” listing would be at the top of the choices in the pizza section of the phone book. Back in the era of the Yellow Pages, the power of the alphabet was much stronger than today.

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