Ohio Senate bill would dictate college policies, curriculum and mission statements: The Wake Up for Thursday, March 16, 2023

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Legislators are not educators.

But new Ohio Senate Bill 83 would dictate how students are taught at the state’s public colleges.

Designed in part to protect students from “liberal bias,” the “Higher Education Enhancement Act” would prohibit favoritism or discrimination of certain ideas in classrooms; bar “political and ideological litmus tests” in hiring and promoting faculty; ban diversity, equity and inclusion training of employees and students; and require “syllabus transparency” with the public. It would also require a basic American history class in which students would read the Declaration of Independence and other documents, a mission statement that includes five tenets, and specific annual faculty evaluations.

“Senate Bill 83 is designed to ensure the very best performance and quality of our higher education institutions,” said sponsor Sen. Jerry Cirino, a Kirtland Republican.

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