Planting progress moving ahead, but more dry weather needed

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We were able to start planting on Tuesday and we had a pretty big breakdown on our corn planter, so it took us a couple days fixing that. We were able to start planting again yesterday and got quite a bit accomplished in a short time.

There’s a bunch of people out planting now. We had a pretty fast-moving storm go through Monday and some areas got quite a bit of rain. We just missed the heaviest portion of that storm by maybe a mile, so we’re lucky. There are a few people with some farms that still aren’t ready to plant yet because of that heavy rain, but most people around here started Monday or Tuesday. I would say, in this area, planting is around 25% done, but there have been years where we’re not started at this point. It depends on the year, but it’s pretty common to still be planting now in this area. We need probably another week or week and a half to finish if we had all good days. But I think we’re supposed to be getting more rain Sunday and Monday, so hopefully that doesn’t actually hit us and we can keep going.

The few early planted crops seem to be looking pretty good, at least from what I’ve seen. There is some corn a couple inches tall and there are some beans popping through in this area.

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