These are the 30 largest Ohio exports in 2022

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Exports out of the United States grew faster than imports in 2022, with Ohio contributing more than $60 billion alone. But which items is Ohio shipping out the most?

Ohio’s top exports happen to fall in line with the largest exports in the country. Think steel, automobile parts and animal feed. The Census Bureau breaks these down into categories.

No. 1 for Ohio is boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances, with a total revenue of $8.71 billion in 2022. No. 2 is vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories, with a total revenue of $8.32 billion. No. 3 is aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof, with a total value of $4.61 billion.

Some exports have seen surges due to the war in Ukraine and increased demand, including oil and farm exports. Among top Ohio exports in these categories are food industry residues, waste, and prepared animal feed ($435.03 million) and oil seeds and miscellaneous grain, seed, fruit, plants, etc. ($1.4 billion).

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