Signs of spring popping up everywhere around Northeast Ohio

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — The flowers were slow to bloom in Northeast Ohio because of the cool end of March. But our recent run of warm weather has splashed the color collage in the region.

Buds and flowers can be seen popping out on maples, oaks, hawthorns, dogwoods, pear trees and more around the Cleveland metro area. And, if you look down, daffodils, purple cress, trout-lilies, violets, crocuses, tulips and wild geranium are opening with spring color.

While spring bloom can start as early as March, our “peak” bloom usually occurs from mid-April to mid-May, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. When and how long the foliage will stick around is very weather dependent. Ohio has over 1,800 native species of plants that include hundreds of spring wildflowers.

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