Food Truck Tour: The Hilltop’s Royal Burger

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Alissa here, with a burger recommendation that’s a real winner, even if it didn’t conquer our recent Columbus Madness bracket.

What I ate: A classic cheeseburger and fries from Royal Burger, a no-frills Hilltop food truck permanently parked in a shopping center parking lot.

Quick take: The juicy burger was topped with an ideal amount of toppings. In each bite, I tasted lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup and mustard, but it wasn’t a sloppy mess.

  • Plus: A toasted-just-right bun, perfectly seasoned fries and a drink. For just $9.50!

The bottom line: As the saying goes, there’s beauty in simplicity.

What’s more: Royal Burger’s menu also offers gyros, chicken and other deep-fried sides.

🍔 If you go: 11am-8pm Tuesday-Saturday, 3823 Sullivant Ave.

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