Ohio woman uses gardening to fight food insecurity

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gardening can spruce up a community little-by-little, but it can also help families in need, and one Ohio woman is working to accomplish both.

Gardening comes naturally to Julialynne Walker.

She grows everything from fresh produce to spices at the Bethany Bronzeville Community Garden.

“It’s something I can do by myself,” said Walker. “Then I love to eat, so the final result I enjoy to the max.”

But Walker decided she wanted more out of gardening. These days, she’s doing it for charity.

Walker grew this garden a decade ago, and with time and a little attention, she’s supplied families with produce through church and the Bronzeville Growers Market, mostly helping those in need around Columbus.

She also teaches others how to grow their own gardens. Walker said it solves the problem of food insecurity.

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