Ohio food pantries are bringing home the bacon, thanks to a local county fair initiative

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Southeastern Ohio has some of the highest rates of hunger in the state. But some folks in Perry County have found a way to help, one pig at a time.

As the hog auction at the Perry County fair gets underway, one kid after another leads their pig into a pen, steering it in front of an audience on camp chairs and bleachers.

“Four, four, four-fifty, five, will ya give me five?” the auctioneer fires off at breakneck speed. “Sold!”

Some bidders will stock their freezers with this meat. Others buy a pig and return it to the child who raised it, giving it more time to grow or breed.

But in the past few years, a new trend has taken hold at the Perry County fairgrounds: local people and businesses are buying pigs to donate the meat to local food pantries.

It’s a campaign called “Fill the Freezer — one pig at a time.”

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