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Open Refrigerator Or Fridge Door With Food Inside

A professor at Ohio State University is leading an initiative to address food waste in households across the country.

Brian Roe says the project is funded by a $2.5 million USDA grant.

“Helping households realize the amount of food that they’re wasting is a critical first step,” he says. “There are estimates that the typical household wastes anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 of food each year. And that’s obviously a huge economic incentive for household.”

He tells Brownfield 40 percent of food in the U.S. is never eaten.

“We can meet global nutrition needs in the coming decades as population increases,” he says. “It’s not a big sacrifice, because households again are wasting their own resources to buy food that is not eaten.”

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New coffee business supporting veterans opens in Gahanna

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GAHANNA, Ohio (WCMH) — A new walk-up shop in Gahanna that has been in the works for a decade is now serving coffee and supporting veterans in the process.

SGT. Coffee Co. set up shop at 106 Short St. on Monday. The business is owned by married couple Ryan and Brandi Sargent. For the 25 years they’ve been a couple, they have talked about starting a business together, Ryan said.

“We would go out early Saturday mornings to go on coffee dates,” Ryan said. “We started doing the Columbus coffee tour. We finished the whole booklet … we were like, we could probably do this. So we kind of started dreaming about what it would be like.”

As an army veteran himself, Ryan said he and his wife hope to sponsor a local veteran nonprofit once a month through the coffee shop. Brandi also recently lost a family member who was a veteran, and created a drink named after him – proceeds from the purchase of that drink will go toward a veterans’ charity.

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Ohio State’s AgOne program accepting applications

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For anyone wanting to level up their ag leadership, Ohio State’s Leadership Center is accepting applications for AgOne, a yearlong program for leaders wanting to have a meaningful impact on the industry. Applications and nomination letters are due July 12.

Throughout the year, participants will complete skill and behavior assessments, attend one-on-one coaching sessions to create a road map of learning and leadership, attend in-person and virtual workshops, participate in group discussions around leadership case studies, examine videos and articles from cutting-edge leadership experts, and expand personal networks to surface new opportunities. 

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Ohio State tackles household food waste

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Ohio State University is spearheading a $2.5 million U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded initiative to reduce food loss and waste in the United States.

Brian Roe, professor of food, agricultural and environmental sciences at Ohio State University, will oversee a pilot consumer campaign targeting household food-waste reduction. Roe plans to collaborate with Rutgers University to create educational messages and campaign materials. According to Roe, the campaign is part of the USDA’s ongoing efforts to combat food waste, following significant investments, including $57 million from the American Rescue Plan Act.

“About one-third of all food is never consumed,” Roe pointed out. “This project will try to identify a campaign to help consumers reduce the amount of food they’re wasting so that they can experience the benefits of saving more money and helping out the environment and supporting food security.”

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Ohio pork producers’ donation to provide nutrient-rich protein for months of meals

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In northeast Ohio, one in seven people is food insecure – a challenge the Greater Cleveland Food Bank is working to solve in the communities they serve. Getting nutritious, high-quality protein is a particular concern for those in need, which is why the annual assistance from Ohio’s pig farmers through their Pork Power program is especially beneficial.

This year, the Ohio Pork Council is providing the Greater Cleveland Food Bank with $3,000 of funds to aid the nonprofit in fighting food insecurity by purchasing sustainably raised and nutrient-rich pork protein.

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How to keep your food safe in the scorching heat

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COLUMBUS, Ohio —  Many like to enjoy picnics and barbecues when the sun is out, but with high temperatures it’s important to be extra cautious with how food is stored.

Temperatures continue to rise as the state of Ohio enters another day in a heat advisory. Unlike when temperatures are cold, people usually gravitate to the outside when the weather is nice. This usually means things like pool days, barbecues and picnics.

However, you have to be careful that your food doesn’t reach unsafe temperatures. Bacteria can grow anywhere between 40 degrees and 140 degrees. Erin Mertz who serves as the director of Food Safety at EcoLab gives some advice on how to keep your food safe in these extreme temperatures.

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ONE Health Ohio reopens, adds to Warren West location

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WARREN — ONE Health Ohio at Warren West Community Health Center held a grand reopening Friday to the community following its nine-month closure.

The health care provider also held a 1 p.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony at the 716 Tod Ave SW location to introduce its prescription pharmacy pad, which will provide a variety of in-house pharmacy services, such as medication management and prescription refills.

“We’re bringing a new in-house service here, which is an in-house retail pharmacy. We call it ‘The Prescription Pad,’” said Maria Kowalm, MD, chief medical officer of ONE Health Ohio.

“Today we’re celebrating a ‘welcome home’ for our community because this location of ours that opened back in 2002 has been closed the last nine months for a modernization,” Kowalm said.

As part of the modernization, ONE Health used the space more wisely to increase the number of exam rooms to provide more access to patients and serve a greater portion of the community, according to a ONE Health Ohio press release.

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Ohio expands ban on foreign political donations: What it could mean for November

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Republican state lawmakers had the November election – and a specific major funder of liberal politics nationwide – in mind when they passed a new law earlier this month expanding the state’s existing ban on political contributions by foreigners.

But it remains to be seen whether the law will have its intended effect – stopping the liberal dark money group, the Sixteen Thirty Fund, from writing more multi-million dollar checks to state ballot campaigns here – or whether it may even have unintended ones, such as broadly discouraging any form of anonymous political spending in Ohio, as is possible under the way the law is written.

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One Health Ohio Unveils Modernized Health Center, New Pharmacy

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WARREN, Ohio – Residents on the west side of Warren can once again access a variety of health care services close to home with the reopening of the Warren West Community Health Center by One Health Ohio.

The 25,000-square-foot center on Tod Avenue closed nine months ago for a $1 million renovation. Officials with One Health Ohio and partner organizations gathered Friday for a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the opening.

“With our growth, we needed to better use the space and increase our number of exam rooms,” said Dr. Maria Kowal, chief medical officer at One Health Ohio.

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Travel: Ohio artifacts can be seen in England

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Many travelers and history buffs are aware that the British Museum in London is, controversially, the repository for the ancient Parthenon Marbles, also known as the Elgin Marbles, removed from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, and brought to England in the early 19th century.

But the museum also holds many other historic items from around the world, including some of the most important archeological artifacts from Ohio.

In a glass display case in the British Museum’s Room 26, visitors will find more than two dozen exquisitely fashioned pipes, as well as bowls and other objects recovered from mounds built by the prehistoric Hopewell people of the Scioto Valley.

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