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Ohio law enforcement to utilize virtual reality training

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Law enforcement around the state will be utilizing “immersive virtual reality trainings,” as announced by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost in a press release.

The point of the technology is to offer officers more realistic simulations of real-life situations, allowing them to practice their response and defusing skills.

“These VR goggles are the next best thing to real-world experience because officers are immersed in split-second decision-making scenarios,” Yost said in the release. “If someone makes a mistake while using virtual reality, it doesn’t have consequences in the real world.”

A total of six “scenarios” cover the following range of topics:

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Ohio Humane Society rescues 5 cats that tested positive for leukemia; Need donations to continue quality of life

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An Ohio Humane Society recently rescued five cats that tested positive for leukemia and they now need donations to continue the quality of life for the cats.

The Belmont County Humane Society said they rescued 5 baby cats on Tuesday and they came back testing positive for leukemia.

The Belmont County Humane Society said they have a wonderful rescue that specializes in caring for positive cats but the fee is $200 per kitten to increase their quality of life.

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Groundbreaking highlights early progress at Ohio Expo Center

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On May 13, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and representatives from the Ohio Expo Center & State Fairgrounds broke ground on two buildings to revitalize the fairgrounds in Columbus, the Ohio Showcase Building and the new agriculture building.

Angela Krile, Ohio Expositions Commission chair, was on hand for the event and pleased with the progress so far.

“We had the official groundbreaking today, but we have broken ground here a while ago and there’s lots of ground being moved behind us as we speak. We are in the process of the first phase of the master plan for the Expo 2050 Task Force that the Governor commissioned to try to envision the fair of the future — a fairgrounds that could be used 365 days the year for amazing events,” Krile said. “We have three phases that we’re working on right now. One is infrastructure — the things under our feet that we don’t see but are needed to keep these fairgrounds running. The second piece is an Ohio Showcase building, which showcases the history of Ohio as well as local food vendors from around the state. The third thing, which I’m most excited about, is a new agriculture horticulture building. We don’t have an official name for it yet but it will encompass both the old agriculture/horticulture building and the Taste of Ohio Café. It will allow families to come in learn about agriculture and how food gets on their plate and then walk in and actually experience the food on their plate from our wonderful commodity partners that cook and prepare that food every day at the fair.”

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Gov. Mike DeWine signs bill that could restrict cell phones in schools

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DUBLIN, Ohio (WXIX) – As technology continues to advance and becomes more prevalent in everyone’s lives, schools are beginning to face the repercussions and effects that come with living in a digital age.

On Wednesday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed a bipartisan bill regarding cell phones in the classroom – a problem many administrators and teachers have been trying to solve as students’ attention continues to be taken by the devices.

School administrators and teachers are hoping House Bill 250 is what they need to fix the problem.

“The research is clear. The jury is out: We know cell phones in our schools are a distraction,” Dublin City School District Superintendent Dr. John Marschhausen said. “We know cell phones in our schools and the proliferation of social media has a negative impact on the students that we serve.”

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Ohio EPA awards more than $1M in grants to curb mosquito-borne viruses

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OHIO — The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday announced 58 local health departments and municipalities in 47 Ohio counties will receive more than $1 million in grants for mosquito control activities.

The Ohio EPA said the funding will help mitigate the spread of mosquito-borne viruses, such as West Nile and La Cross Encephalitis.

“The mosquito control program is one of our most successful and meaningful partnerships with local health departments,” Ohio EPA Director, Anne Vogel said in a press release. “The grants go directly into funding education and outreach efforts in communities, and equipment that helps to prevent and eliminate mosquito breeding grounds to protect Ohioans from serious mosquito borne illnesses.”

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High-tech Mid-Ohio Food Collective Hilltop Farm nearly complete

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Columbus, Ohio, USA Trevor Horn, the farm director at the Mid-Ohio Food Collective, shows off the verti-grow towers at the farm on the Hilltop. The vertical design allows for more plants to grow in a smaller space.

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Gahanna woman who lost husband to distracted driving encouraged by new city ordinance

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GAHANNA, Ohio — Sharon Montgomery of Gahanna knows how dangerous distracted driving can be.

It’s been nearly 24 years since she and her husband John were on their way home from celebrating his birthday, and encountered another driver on his cellphone.

Montgomery was seriously injured, and her husband passed away in the ICU six weeks later.

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Ohio tornado victims, already battling looters, warned of ‘shady’ contractors

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Tornado victims in central Ohio are being warned to look out for “shady” contractors after devastating storms last week flattened homes and businesses.

“It’s just gone,” said Vanessa Mantz, as she looked at the spot where her deck should be attached to her Lakeview home, a house where she spends summers and weekends. “I can’t believe it, it just ripped into pieces.”

Mantz is also missing a gas generator she got from police after the tornado came through but it wasn’t taken by the high winds; the equipment was stolen by looters.

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Agriculture week spotlights drone technology improving farming efficiency across Ohio

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Its agriculture week, and technology is continuing to make an impact on farms across the United States.

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted joined Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Brian Baldridge at J and G Cattle Company on Wednesday for a demonstration of the Agras T30 drone.

“It makes a huge difference when it comes from agriculture and just being efficient,” Baldridge said. ”

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Gahanna Lincoln graduate Maycey Vieta to dive for Puerto Rico in 2024 Summer Olympics

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Gahanna Lincoln graduate Maycey Vieta has earned a spot in the 2024 Summer Olympics, where she will compete in 10-meter diving for Puerto Rico.

Vieta finished 15th (261.5 points) in the World Aquatic Championships in Doha, Qatar, earlier this week, clinching a spot in the Olympics. Those will be held from July 26-Aug. 11 in Paris.

Vieta, who dives for Purdue, will compete for Puerto Rico instead of the United States because of family heritage on her father’s side, according to a release from Purdue.

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